Mr. Gamal Abdo

Administration assistant

Accountant/ Gamal Abdou
Assistant of the Chairman for Administrative Affairs.
Member in the Board of Directors at Butagasco.
Date of Birth: 6/7/1962
Academic Education & Certificates:
Bachelor of Commerce-Business Administration Department 
Professional Diploma in Human Resources Management from Leadership & Management Development Institute.
Responding to Early Warning of Problems Crisis Prevention.
Building Institutional Capabilities to achieve competitive advantage.
Effective Management of Board of Directors Governance.
Membership of Committees inside and outside Companies.
Personal Committees Membership.
End of Service Benefits Committees.
Incentive Committees.
Crisis Management Committees.
Corruption Fighting Committees.
Joined the Petroleum Sector since 1985
Previous Posts:
- More than 35 years in different posts in the General Department of Administration Affairs in the Petroleum Sector.
- Assistant of the Chairman of Egypt Gas Company for Administrative Affairs.

Mr. Ahmed Shehata

Chairman & CEO

Accountant/ Ahmed Shehata Hussein
Chairman & Managing Director
Date of Birth: 4/4/1973
Academic Education: Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting Division 
Joined the Petroleum Sector since 1997
Previous posts:
- General Manager of Contracts & Foreigners Costs at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation.
- Assistant of the Executive Vice President of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation for Supervision on Foreign & Joint Companies Contracts and Collective Data.

Mr. Mohamed Yossef

Financial assistant

Date of birth:

Educational Qualification:
  Bsc. of commerce 

Job history: 
  - 2014 : Chairman assistant for finance(EPSCO).
  - 2012 : Member of the board of directors(EPSCO).
  - 2011 : Financial General Manager (EPSCO).
  - 1983 : accountant (PETROBEL).

Certifications :