Moved from the world of energy: Mullah and Mustafa .. and the success of «EPSCO»

The Egyptian petroleum sector is full of national leaders who have been able to change the course of companies that were on the verge of collapse, as happened in Styrenex and currently the company "Paris Oasis" is living a bad period and perhaps a defining moment, because there is no clear vision or thought outside the fund despite The enormous potential that exists in the sector.

Here we have to touch on the example of the district, which is the Petroleum Services Company "Episco", which ranked high among the companies, and has witnessed a quantum leap and a great revolution thanks to the support and support of Eng. Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and some of the ministry's leadership and the Authority, which had a significant impact on the achievement of the company Successive successive and do not forget the most important factor is the existence of a spirit of cooperation and familiarity between its leaders, and this is what we unfortunately miss in most of the companies of the petroleum sector, especially that decision-making and thinking outside the Fund is not limited to the President of the company only, but must be shared by everyone as the success of the entity or institution attributed to all And not for one individual !!

Mohamed Mustafa succeeded in crossing the «EPSCO» to safety and led the ship with the most intelligent and savvy and was able to get the respect and appreciation of everyone being the maker of Renaissance "Episcopal", and this is what is calculated for him, especially in the presence of leaders who made cooperation and the primacy of the company's interest and success above any interest whatsoever.

Mohammed Mustafa's model in the petroleum sector needs to be studied and this is not a compliment, especially since he has a clear vision and thought that believes in the principle of collective action and the primacy of the public interest above any other interest, and the existence of a "good lining" is one of the most important factors in the success of the "EPSCO" petroleum system The presence of a dynamo with three lungs tireless and tired is the accountant Tariq Badri, assistant to the President of the company for administrative affairs, in addition to the presence of cadres and elements of youth proved their efficiency and ability to perform the required to the fullest. , general manager of operations that Mustafa was able to give her confidence and responsibility.