The General petroleum corporation instructions

The General petroleum corporation instructions for all companies in petroleum sector.


The General petroleum corporation issued instructions for all companies of petroleum sector (general- joint- and invest mental companies) about organizing communication with the media, websites and vacations.

The corporation said in letter to companies:-

In light of what noticed from some workers in the sector establishing internet sites and these sites or pages incite workers with in the sector and publish false news, which has a negative impact on production and employees.

Please kindly alert that it is necessary to take the steps to follow these instructions:-

  • Alert all employees inside all companies of not establishing any sites on internet or contact any other site in or out the sector and also some sites which belongs to ( human rights , …… etc)
  • Not appearing in any media programs (visible and not invisible) only after consulting the company management after submitting an application.


The company send the data (name quadruple, national ID telephone number, address, program subject) to central department of information and the central department for security of the petroleum and mineral resources sector.


  • Alert employees inside the company ( permanent and temporary employees ) any workers who violates these instructions will be charged with inciting workers inside

The sector and legal measures will be taken against him.

He will be rewarded with deterrent measures, which may lead to dismissal in some cases if repeated.

  • When any employee establish any site or contact any site, will prepare a report on the internet detective for the operator based on creating the site.
  • Workers should submit their vacation in person, and not through their colleagues, because there are. some workers who submit their vacation through their colleagues , ( we discover after that they are arrested )

If the absence cause is not known, the company's regulations must be applied.