Epsco is a story of a company and a strategie of Mr. Mohamed Mustafa 2030

Epsco Company managed to put itself on the petroleum map during the last three years and it draw a brighter future after years of falling and tripping. The true hero of this development is Mr. Mohamed Mustafa the chairman and managerial director because of his early efforts was making new young leaderships capable of leading and filling in needs which were present before to need leaders from outside .


2030 stratgie

2030 stratgie is a keyword that Epsco decided to consider launching new international and strategic entities and it is not just a word or procedure for publicity. But it is a long time plan imposed by company reality that continuously evolves and grows after horizontal expanding of the company through a lot of new activities and upgrading vertically by becoming professional in old activities implementation and gained by   her clients Trust so Epsco decided to separate these activities in separate companies under the mother entity Epsco to gain new targets.

Epsco did not per suit a meaning it formed high strategic

How does Epsco reach this vision? Committee to manage 2030 file and on what basis?

Epsco has turned from an entity has 17000 Engineer, technician, and administrators to a company has human cadres qualified, trained, and able to complete with international specialized companies in all technical and services fields.

In the field of engineering and technical field in oil and petroleum companies to work in fields, fittings and instructions to work in logistics, touristic

Flying , maintance , facilities fields  to also work in providing furniture , Building supplies , in transporting crude oil , oily clay , transporting wastes , equipment renting and winch's renting to pest and insect control activity in 76 companies in the petroleum sector , fast and harmonical steps by human race to turn into having new management styles

Epsco didn't make a stratgie 2030 because it is a bright title but it is a vision of the entity which carries potentials of growth to get out of its normal frame.

Epsco is like a creature from all the factors of success.

It has grown until the name of his company has narrowed, as the dress narrows to the boy when he becomes a young and strong man. His growth and prosperity factors have set his strategy that represents his new robe capable of absorbing his successes and growth.

Epsco has become a qualified entity from many companies to generate from it , every activity of its activities may become a separate entity in the administration , just as it was born by Egypteco , which independently of one of the most important activities in the petroleum sector . Namely the injection of oil wells and natural gas , its rehabilitation and development.

While it also approached the establishment of an entity for tourism services and another entity for logistics to be the first of its kind in Egypt .

Epsco was- through its rehabilitation after accountant Mr./ Mohmed Mustafa – took over from the company's performance indicitors and through several goals, the most important of which was training and qualification for all elements before they were distributed to carry out their tasks within the companies contracted with , so the first step was then follow-up and evaluation.

5 ISO certificates within two years

The results of that work were that the company obtained 5 ISO certificates in two years only.

Including ISO 2002 certificate in the field of comprehensive quality, ISO certificate in the field of quality and professional safety and health 18001, ISO certificate in the field of quality for food safety 22001, and finally ISO certificates for traffic safety at roads 33001.

With these steps , Epsco possessed the foundation , which is building a qualified and trained human component , then international certificates in all areas of the companys work , to collect after it the most important results of which the petroleum companies are eager to contract with Epsco to assume its needs of trained workers and logistical services , which prompted Epsco leaders to conduct expansion and entry operations . In new and modern activities, including tourism activities like organizing travel operations and facilitating them for the sector companies , then they moved to work in foreign tourism . Such as Hajj ,Umrah and entertainment , such has trips other than

The services of extracting papers and official documents as a new service that was not recognized.

 The strategy that Epsco decided to put in place and begin to implement comes through a committee that the company's board of directors headed by Mr accountant Mohamed Mustafa and include Mr accountant Tareq El – Badry the assistant chairman of the directors of the company for administrative affairs , which is the backbone of Epsco in all ages.

The company used the founders to draw up a report containing all the recommendations necessary to implement the strategy " ABC certification

  • Teams have been formed, each team works of an file of files necessary to implement the company's strategy which includes 14 files. The company's leaders under take the tasks of completing the files .


Two ISO in social responsibility

Recently and business continuity

Epsco succeeded to obtaining various ISO certificates. Executive management has made more effort to maintain this success. This was led by accountant Mr./Mohamed Mostafa chairman and managing Director of Epsco .


  • Mr. Accountant/ Tarek El Badry , company's chairman assistant for administrative Affairs praised the efforts of the workers in Epsco to overcome all obstacles , which led to a great leap in the company as so we gained the renewal of the ISO certificates.

Business continuity



  • The business continuity management system                identifies risks and potential risks and establishes appropriate controls / programs to manage and eliminate them in addition this system also creates a preventive approach to reduce the impact of accidents and ensure business continuity with efficiency in times of crisis .


Social responsibility



  • Social responsibility standard empowers the organization to combine best practices, whether for its employees, clients or others



Contract to supply and install

Caravans with investments

More than 4 million pound



  • Within the framework of expanding the company's business, and pursuant to the directives of the ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Company's vision for 2030, Epsco won a contract to supply and install 10 caravans for El Alamya petroleum company and 2 caravans for El –wastany petroleum company with business volume exceeded 4 million pound . Epsco were executed these caravans before for Misr Petroleum technology company an its site . Epsco was keen an the quality and accuracy of the implementation of the works in order to add to Epsco more achievements that to the wise leadership and the arms of its sons


Epsco in the Egyptian

Federation for construction and building


  • Due to the expansion of the company in general contracting and finishes activities , Epsco was recently managed to register with the Egyptian Federation for construction and building the union card ( category 7, intergraded business ) was extracted .


  • This permit was issued by private contracting office in date  g/i/c.c and get the union card for excavation, backfilling, reinforced concert, buildings and supplies.



  • The card's advantages are that it gives the company priority to working in government agencies in such as import activities of any equipment at half the customs value.